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Training To Deal With Weapons:

The correct weapon training program will prevent mind from being affected by panic. It allows

one to assess the situation in calm way. The weapon wielding techniques may not be directly

dealt with, but it plays a major role in building confidence, alertness and balance of body.


Under your look at Guru hemang training program, you will see weapons training at the second

place in lists of various training programs. In this fast growing technology, it may be surprise to

hear about the fact this training program is having tendency to help people at higher level. The

purpose of Seminar / workshop of weapons training programs are to remove fear related

training. It is believed to be method which boosts the interest to learn and away from two forms

of fear like visual and casual. The correct weapon training will help one to prevent mind from

panic related problems. The trained person with this task will know to test the situation and to

take suitable action. The weapon wielding techniques are not directly involved in application. It

has main role in implying confidence, alertness and balance of body.


Various Areas Of Weapon Training:

People also can expect special training and choreography for tv and films, movies from us as

we are ready to avail you service. Under weapons training program, people will be trained under

Martial arts, kalaripayattu and kung fu along with various areas and each of them are explained well as



Lists Of Weapons Training Program At Guru hemang:


Ninja Weapons:

This weapon training is designed to improve speed of walking skill. This involves

practicing by leaning his body forward so that one will be able to walk fast to maintain

balance. This training also includes walking on ice to achieve waist balance and silent

treading. A Ninja’s sandals were cushioned with cotton cloth so that one could walk




Samurai is recognized as mythical warrior activity of Japan. Training method to

individual on samurai will vary with some constant tenets. At Guruhemang, we have

designed this samurai in order to make one to prepare both mentally and physically. In

most cases, the legendary discipline of samurai is derived from the observation of

Bushido. Bushido code is designed with concerns to duty. This method encourages one to

meditate frequently. Prior to centuries, samurai was practiced to stand strong in deep

snow. We are giving training to people on samurai in order to make one to practice

increased vigor.



Katana is considered to be highly recognizable weapon. It has a curved blade and it needs

to deal with wielding by both hands. There is no bladed weapon as katana. If you want to

take training on katana from own comfort of home, one should buy katana initially. We

advise our users to buy katana which offers safe and reliability. As you buy it, you can

make use of our instructions to use katana.


Sword and Shield:

The sword and shield class is the first type of weapon uses speed and agility to stand

against damage at any time. Under this training, we force our practitioners to use left

hand. Sword and shield will often seem sharper than other weapons. We have mainly

implemented this activity in order to make people to act against high speed attacks. After

completion of training at this activity, one will be able to perform dodging at anytime.

Under this training, people will be asked to hold block button before using the item

without need to sheath the weapon.



It is also a basic weapon. We make people to train with both hands as it is double handed

weapon. It should be used in pair such as each on each hand. It is created only for self

defense. We advise our people to practice tonfa more in comparison with other activities.

It has long and interesting history. We consider this technique as one of the important

things to increase skill level.



Among our various activities, Eskrima plays an important role. We teach this activity to

people who wants to learn self defense in practical way. People who want to make their

upper body, arms and leg in toned way are requested to take practice under this training.

The manual dexterity and co ordination will be enhanced due to this training. Besides

this, increased flexibility will also result. It is also said to be complete system of martial




A mace is a blunt weapon which uses heavy head on ends to deliver powerful blows. A

mace consists of strong, heavy, wooden or metal shaft reinforced with metal. This metal

is made up of high carbon steel. It lengths 61 cm and weighs 1.8 Kg in general.


Flexible sword (urumi):

We teach this technique to people who wants to take training on self defense weapons

against sword wielding weapons. Trainers will train people to treat enemy swords.


Short Stick:

It is one of the simplest weapons. We will give training to people who want to take

training to act against defense by using simple weapons.



This weapon is designed in such a way that it has one sharpened end of the shaft. It is

made up of most durable material. The most common design for hunting or combat

spears has incorporated a metal spear head shaped like triangle.



If people wants to be trained well on various weapons to protect themselves from any

situations, can make use of our training programs.