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Black Belt Grading

Martial arts Belt Grading Examination :

We conduct Martial arts belt grading exams to encourage students to progress and work towards improving. Belt fuels to student with the determination to constantly improve their power and speed.


One element of Martial arts training and competition is grading for belts. The belt that you are defines your fighting category, and your seniority within the club. For club members who are intending on grading, the complete syllabus is listed below. If you would like any clarification on or assistance with techniques, please contact us for personal training or attend our weekly club sessions.



Martial arts belt examinationWhat is Black Belt in Martial Arts ?

The black belt is a way to describe a graduate of a field where a practitioner’s level is often marked by the color of the belt. The black belt is commonly the highest belt color used and denotes a degree of competence.

Black Belt

If you are training in a school that uses the belt grading system, your ultimate goal will be to obtain a black belt. As in karate grading, a Martial arts black belt represents the completion of your basic training. However, training does not end here. As highlighted by a Martial artist can continue his training into the later black belt grades, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dan levels.

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This repeated dying process dictated the type of belt color and the order of the colors. The standard belt color system is as below


  • White belt

  • Yellow

  • Orange

  • Blue

  • Purple

  • Green

  • Green-1

  • Brown

  • Brown -1

  • Black Belt