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About Guru Hemang Prajapati

Guru Hemang Prajapati

is one of the India’s best Self Defense trainer and certified as Master skills in various Martial arts forms.

Learn Martial arts, Kalaripayattu and kung fu, Self Defense Martial arts weapons training from our Guru Hemang prajpati who is India’s best self defense,Martial Arts trainer and Celebrity trainer in Mumbai. Being friendly professional instructors, we are passionate about making use of martial arts movements in order to enhance your strength, flexibility and coordination. In addition to kalaripayattu and Kung fu weapons training, we also conduct Seminar / workshop of weapons training,Self Defense and special training and choreography for tv and films , movies. Through this workshop, our Guru Hemang will spend the most of the time training you each and every individual movement in relation with pressure point of body. So, you can do the routines with comfort and ease. According to your body type and also your free time goals, which you want to achieve, each Fitness and Martial Arts training program is personally prepared. Of course, all our programs are developed based upon the experience as well as training methods of our Guru Hemang.


He is one of the proclaimed trainers of Ahmedabad city police and has trained approx 50,000 women Ahmedabad city. With over 5 years experience and having conducted thousands of personal training sessions, Guru Hemang has a proven track record of client satisfaction. Guru Hemang is an expert in Kalaripayattu, Yoga, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Mixed Martial Arts, Wrestling and Karate; this strongly influence Guru Hemang’s training philosophy, as they both serve to improve one’s health tremendously through high intensity conditioning, but also serve as realistically applicable forms of self-defense.

He is pursuing Kalaripayattu Martial Arts Scientific Research & Training Center of Bodhidharma. He is also considered as an exceptional Traditional & Power Yoga Guru.  He conceives that mastering the basics allows you to learn and execute advanced exercises more safely and effectively.

Guru Hemang is also a Fight Choreographer for Films & TV Serials and a celebrity trainer. Furthermore, he has been an active corporate trainer in some of the well known companies like flourish pure food, Yes Bank, Vodafone, etc. He has worked as General Secretary of Thai Boxing Association of Gujarat with Thai Boxing Federation of Padma Shree Shushil Kumar (Olympian). Being a thorough professional, Guru Hemang has been keen on social aspects of the society and has given free martial arts training to Handicapped/physically challenge/ blind children trained.

As a Celebrity trainer and Fight Action choreographer (Martial arts expert for bollywood TV & Films), Guru Hemang has envisioned a place in which anybody can accomplish their fitness goals in a more fun and exciting way regardless of their age and fitness level. We, the best Kalaripayyattu, Kickboxing ,Tai chi, wing chun, Kung fu, Mixed marial arts (MMA), Martial arts  trainer in mumbai, ahmedabad, pune, strongly believe that Martial Arts is the most excellent medium to help people, no matter, whether they are looking out to learn some sport, shed a few pounds or even get trained at a competitive level. Our institutes with location Mumbai, Pune (Maharastra), Ahmedabad (Gujarat), Patna (Bihar), Koraput, sambalpur and bhubneshwar (Odhisha) design special Martial arts programs with the intention to fit dissimilar ages and lifestyles.


Few Achievements:

  • Life time Membership Dojo’s Tai – Waza artes Marciales, Mexico

  • Life time membership certification from World Cleavers Martial Arts Organization

  • Received Muay Thai International award from Indonesia in 2015

  • Guru of Kalarippayatt (Mother of Martial Arts & Kung fu, Kerala) in Gujarat and Mumbai.

  • Pursuing Martial Arts Scientific Research & Training Center of Bodhidharma, Kerala.

  • Bronze Medalist in International Martial Arts Competition at Germany.

  • Founder/Director of Guru’s Martial Arts Training Institutes.

  • Black Belt 3rd Dan Black Belt from World Sports Martial Arts Council, USA.

  • Black Belt 2nd Dan Black Belt in Karate.

  • Black Belt 2nd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo from South korea.

  • Black Belt in Thai Boxing(Muay Thai) from Delhi.

  • National Judge/Referee & Black Belt Examiner of Thai — Boxing